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Vidyo is a cost effective hosted video conferencing solution that works with your mobile, desktop and tablet devices to deliver a captivating HD 4K experience with your customers and colleagues.

Why Choose Vidyo?


Conventional video systems lock you into custom hardware, specialized chips, and a heavy-duty infrastructure just to support multiple participants in a conference. Vidyo solutions are different. Because the Vidyo architecture sidesteps compute-intensive bottlenecks like transcoding, components like VidyoRouter, run as software on mainstream server and virtual platforms. Powered by Intel CPUs, VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama systems deliver greater performance and value with every generation. As for personal conferencing, Vidyo apps and plug-ins run on the computers and mobile devices you already own. Because Vidyo solutions leverage the power of mass-market platforms, HD conferencing is as affordable as a voice-only call.

Easy to Use

Vidyo® solutions automatically adapt to your network and the devices you use to deliver the best experience possible for every user. Click-to-connect simplicity and the ability to customize Vidyo® are just two of the features that make this the most user friendly HD conference call option on the market.


Only Vidyo® delivers 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance. Its ability to expand as your business grows is unmatched. Vidyo® components are also software-upgradeable to deliver new features and enhanced performance down the line.


Only Vidyo delivers 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance or unit of rack space. How is this possible? Rather than transcode at a centralized bottleneck (i.e., the MCU), the VidyoRouter directs an optimized video stream to each conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture, patented by Vidyo, conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone. Need even more capacity? Just add physical or virtual VidyoRouters anywhere in the network.

Seamless Integration

The VidyoWorks platform allows organizations, system integrators, and software developers to Vidyo-enable applications and workflows. The core intellectual property, APIs, SDK, and development framework delivered by VidyoWorks already powers widely-deployed applications like Philips healthcare solutions and + Hangouts.