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Professional Services & Technical Support in St. Louis

Generally speaking, the professional services offered by Convergent Communications are defined as infrequent technical services that are billable at an hourly or fixed contractual rate. They are designed to supplement your existing IT infrastructure and provide a means by which you can engage Convergent Communications to help you solve extraordinary technical problems within our areas of expertise and those of our partners.

Types of Professional Services & Technical Support

Network Assessments
Network Assessments are defined based upon the results that you're looking for. In many cases, they are implemented in the early stages of any major network deployment and especially when considering adding VOIP applications.

Vulnerability Assessment
These assessments are designed to discover any weaknesses that might be in your network and unknown to you. This could be compliance-related issues, security problems, or network traffic problems.

Network Planning and Design
Whether you're an Architect or Engineer, Consultant, or IT Director, getting the professional help you need to plan and develop a network infrastructure is crucial to success. Our professional services team can help you get the information you need to achieve the results you want.

Project Management and Installation
The first half of any network thinking is planning and design. We use the very best technical resources available and will subcontract specific services as needed. All of this is done through Convergent Communications so there's only one contact for you.


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