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Frequently Asked Questions

Convergent Communications is ready to meet your business communication needs and help to provide a more productive and seamless work environment. Here are some frequently asked questions about some of our services and products.

1. What are the features of an IP Phone system? 

IP Phone systems or IP PBXs, voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) or IP telephony systems, offer high-fidelity sound and reliable service. This ensures high quality sound and service for all your calls. In addition, IP phone systems include rich calling features, auto-attendant and distributed workgroups to allow customers to reach the person they are calling quickly and easily. All of these features allow employees to stay in touch and productive from where ever they are working. Brands that Convergent Communications sells and services include Shortel, Avaya/Nortel and E-MetroTel.

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2. What could my business gain from switching to an IP phone system? 

The ease and effectiveness of IP Phone systems can change the way your employees work and your customers utilize your business. Based off your goals, gains could be seen using productivity measures such as increased customer satisfaction, end user productivity or call volumes. In addition, effectiveness of call center agents and time employees save completing a process could be improved with an IP phone system. Overall, IP phone systems could help your business in overcoming whatever your business pain point is.  

3. What are the benefits of unified communication?

Unified communications allow businesses to sync all of the ways they stay in touch internally and externally with customers, together. Unified communications blends instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence and collaboration capabilities into one coherent, or unified, business environment. Integrating web and audio conferencing also helps cut costs by combining those services in to one, eliminating the need for another party to provide each service separately.

Unified communications can also increase productivity by allowing employees the convenience and ease of use that comes with just one system. In addition, IP phone systems allow employees to utilize laptops, smartphones and tablets to access their communication lines and work from where ever they are. It is easy to set up and train employees on how to manage and use the system, freeing up time and resource to be dedicated to more critical tasks. 

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4. Is a unified communications system worth the cost?

The total cost of ownership can be determined worthy based on your company's needs and business goals. The cost of capital expenses, implementation and training, systems management, and network and long distance charges can be totaled together and analyzed against the increase in productivity, sales, or other qualifying business goals your business would like to reach to evaluate if the system is cost-effective. To decide if your business can benefit from our services, or to get more information about costs, please contact us

5. What is better for my business, on-premise systems or cloud computing?

When choosing between on-premise systems or having your system reside in the cloud data center, you need to consider what kind of maintenance your business would like to take on. Companies that purchase on-premise systems install and manage their own system hardware and software. This route demands the company incur the upfront investment of the hardware and software, as well as operational expenses of running the system. The company works with Convergent Communications to deploy the system, then consult with us to provide ongoing maintenance. The opposing option is a cloud service. The Cloud Workspace is housed and managed by Convergent Communications. This hosted approach eliminates the upfront coast of buying and installing the system. Your business can pay a one time installation fee, then a monthly cost per user. Based on the needs and requirements of your business, one service may provide more benefits over the other. 

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