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Technological Advances call for Unified Communication to Work Harder than Ever

The standard work day is no longer limited to the 9-to-5 day in the office, but can occur anytime and any where thanks to mobile devices. By the year 2015, 1.3 billion people, or 37% of the workforce, will work from mobile devices. This increase is also happening quickly, increasing by 300 million people in only five years. This rapidly changing business environment demands communication among employees to be seamless and effective, something readily achieved with unified communication

Because of this shift, companies have been upgrading and reevaluating their methods of communication with their customers and among employees. Having better collaborative communication can tangibly benefit businesses who take part; in one study, 50% of companies who adopted unified communications reported up to 20 minutes a day saved by reaching workers on the first try. To illustrate this further, a company that has 10,000 employees, each saving 20 minutes a day, times 240 work days in a year, will save 100,000 days overall. These numbers could provide a noticeable differences for a businesses productivity and success.  

Unified communication is also helping to improve employee moral through collaborations. Lack of and/or unreliable communication is often noted as having a significant negative impact on employee moral. Unified  communication can combat this by providing multiple avenues for employees to get in touch, working with peers on solving problems and establishing support systems that deliver better results and improve morale. 

Cloud computing has also proven notably helpful in today's mobile business environment. Having systems and files reside in hosted server space, leaving it accessible to employees where ever they are working. Unified communication, with its ease and accessibility, as well as mobile working environments has changed the way we do business and how we rate the success of business. Utilizing these tools to their full potential can allow all businesses to keep up with the speed of these changes while reaping more successes along the way.


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